FIXD: features of FIXD

FIXD is an intelligent device that offers real-time result on different vehicle issues. You will get the health update of your car in less than 60 seconds through FIXD. With FIXD you will be able to know the underlying problem with your car. FIXD help in detecting up to 6,800 issues and translate the data to your device. The easy interpretation of data provided by FIXD helps you understand the implying issue. FIXD will provide you alert from the minute to critical issues like changing oil to inspecting air filter. Some of the features that you will find in FIXD include the following;

An essential feature of FIXD is the FIXD mobile app. FIXD mobile app is compatible with most devices, whether it is Android or IOS. You can download FIXD mobile application on your device to establish proper communication. FIXD app will connect with the OBD-II sensor and will relay the data collected to your device quickly. Another beautiful element present in FIXD is multi-vehicle control. You can now see the health status of the different cars in your home through FIXD. With one FIXD account, you can monitor multiple cars enabling you to see the welfare of your family members. To acquire further information on FIXD please visit

FIXD has impressive intuition that can check issues with your vehicle and report the same in a quick time. The quick scanning of your car with FIXD helps in the better understanding of your car. By acting swiftly you can keep your car in top shape and also know a lot of stuff through FIXD. FIXD is easy to use whereby connecting with the sensor with your device you are ready to use.

The mad race for possessing motor vehicles in the modern world necessitates car owners to install FIXD. You will find that you will no longer get trouble with the car issues that come regularly. FIXD is like the doctor for your vehicle.

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